Your partner for academic communication 

Critical Narratives is a creative agency that combines academic expertise and award-winning filmmaking & design to translate complex research into compelling media content.

 Why Communicate? 

As an academic, you are increasingly compelled to communicate about your research. But where to find the time? How to go about it? Critical Narratives helps you imagine and create the essential media content (and media plan) to make your research resonate with the right audience.

 What we do 

We work with individual researchers, research groups, departments and universities, as well as civil society actors and local governments who collaborate with research institutions.

As your creative partner, we:
- Find the right medium to  tell your story .
- Produce narratives  without "dumbing down"  your research.
- Frame your research  within contemporary debates .
- Make your research resonate  with the relevant actors .

Concretely, we:
- Advise researchers on their communication strategy.
- Produce audiovisual and print content.
- Give storytelling and audiovisual production workshops for researchers.
- Write social impact/outreach strategies for grant applications.
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In times of populism and polarisation, we believe quality research is essential to understanding our complex societies. We think storytelling can bring research to a wider public and thus bolster thoughtful and meaningful public discourse.

Starting from an academic background, we fully understand the importance of being precise and meticulous. Finding the right balance between narrative and nuance is an inspiring challenge.