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 Why we do it 

In times of populism and polarisation, we believe quality research is essential to understanding our complex societies. We’re determined to bolster thoughtful and meaningful public discourse by making research more attractive and accessible to a wider public. Let’s get your research out there!
 Sophie Feyder  LU
PhD, is an independent researcher and curator with a field of expertise in visual culture, African history and heritage. She was a 2017 Erasmus Dissertation Prize laureate and is currently working on various projects that combine academia with creative modes of dissemination. ///// +32 (0) 486 256 271 /////
 Christopher Daley  BE/US
is an award winning documentary filmmaker and producer. As a teacher, he helps people articulate ideas for and through film. He is also a cofounder of Margins and a producer for Black speaks Back. ///// +32 (0) 484 082 103 /////
 Johann van Gerwen  NL
is an award winning filmmaker, multimedia designer, photographer and theatre director. As a true creative he has a keen eye for original connections and solutions. Currently he’s developing a personal documentary project on the philosopher Walter Benjamin.
///// +32 (0) 498 575 634 /////
 Nikki Sullings  AU/BE
is an expert on communications for achieving social change. She has 20 years of experience in doing communications for researchers, political parties, NGOs, trade unions and social movements. Currently, she is researching which types of communications are most effective in achieving changes in public opinion and votes. ///// +32 (0) 483 035 575 ///// +33 (0) 749 150 715 /////

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