Consulting & grant writing 

We advise academic partners looking to improve their external communication, both through the development of a communication strategy and by the writing of outreach/dissemination plans for grant applications.


We produce a wide range of  tailor-made audiovisual content  for researchers and civil society actors, ranging from documentary film and other video to animation, podcast and visual essay, print campaign and graphic design.

Our dedicated team is hands on throughout the co-creative process, which:
- Starts with an  in-depth conversation to understand your work   and determine your communication needs;
-  Frames your research within contemporary debates  and connects it to relevant actors without ‘dumbing it down’.
- Is followed by  an academic and a filmmaker throughout the process 
- Ends with the production of innovative tailor-made deliverables, including documentary films, websites, podcasts, exhibitions, art publications, graphic novels...


We offer a series of workshops that empower academics to bring their work to larger audiences. Quick-paced and hands-on, these workshops are a fun way for researchers to increase the impact of their work. Workshops include:
-  Storytelling 
-  Communications strategy 
-  Addressing policy makers 
-  Photography 
-  Podcast & visual essay production 
-  Basics of graphic design 
-  Video orientation 
-  Video production intensive 

 click here  to download our Workshop brochure.